Devotion for the Day


I felt like sharing a few things about my devotion today, so, here they are!

  • If I am truly God’s child, I should act like it, displaying godly behavior and being an example to others in Christ (Titus 2:7a). All Christians, whether new to faith, or those who have been walking with Christ for years, belong to God. So, if we belong to God, we should show other people our “God tag”, which is the way to lead other people to Christ. We have Jesus. If we keep him to ourselves, we are sending unbelievers to their doom (eternal damnation).
  • In Matthew 5:13, Jesus compares us to salt, which makes things taste good.  Mark 9:50 tells us that, like salt brings out the good taste in food, God brings out the good in us. When we wake up and  do things our way and we don’t let God take the steering wheel, we are not exercising our faith. God will lead us if we submit to him.

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