Geography (& Hidden Disney Connections!)

I have recently been studying Europe for my geography, and have explored the Internet for information on certain regions, such as Denmark, Germany, Poland, Russia, and many others. A few fascinating facts crossed my path while I was researching “Frozen” late one night during my free time. It led me to some interesting discoveries.

I came across a video explaining the story arch and similar connections to many Disney movies. The video link is at the bottom, if you are interested. Here’s a couple of random details on the regions Disney has used for their settings, dress code, tradition, background, etc.

Region 1. Denmark – Setting For The Movie “Ariel” “The Little Mermaid” is a beautiful story written by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen that inspired Disney to come up with “Ariel”. In Copen Hagen, Denmark, there is a statue of the little mermaid near the coast. The LEGO was invented in Denmark. Legoland and the LEGO company headquarters are located in Billund, on the Jutland peninsula. About 65% of Denmark is farmland, and 11% of it eye – catching woodlands. Denmark also proudly displays many beautiful beaches around the coastline.

Region 2. Germany – Setting For The Movie “Tangled” German style is included often in this beautiful movie, and Rapunzel’s dress is a great example. Look at this picture, And compare it to this one. See the similarities? The German fashion shown in Tangled is just another hint that it is set in Germany. Another one is the fact that Rapunzel is a German fairy tale. Germany has been home to famous composers such as Johann Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven and Richard Wagner. Football (soccer) is the most popular sport in Germany.

Region 3. Norway – Setting For The Movie “Frozen” In the movie “Frozen”, the word “fjord” (fi – ord) is used frequently, and many scenes and takes show these deep, canyon-like inlets of the sea, created by glacier erosion. Sound familiar? How about Norway? Norway is often described as the “Land of the Midnight Sun”, because during the summer months of late May through to late July the sun never completely drops below the horizon in northern Arctic Circle areas of the country and other areas have around 20 hours of sunlight a day. However, it is the opposite in winter. Football, known as soccer in Norway, has the highest participation level of any sport in Norway, like Germany. The winter sports of biathlon and cross-country skiing are the most eagerly followed.

Here’s the link for this awesome Youtube video. 🙂 It certainly earns my thumbs up.

Hidden Disney Connections
Credit to: Science Kids Norway Science Kids Germany Science Kids Denmark

This is the little mermaid statue looking out into the sea.
This is the little mermaid statue looking out into the sea. Beautiful!
europe map
The triangle indicates Germany, setting for “Tangled”, the snowflake indicates Norway, setting for “Frozen”, and the dot indicates Denmark, setting for “Ariel”.

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