Math is a very important part of life. In fact, without it, we would be practically nothing. Just think about it for a moment. We are dependent on money for our food, clothes, and shelter. The people who manufacture our food, clothes, and shelter are just as dependent on math as we are. The metric system: cm, m, mm, oz, lb, kg, g, mg, cl, l, ml ; the basics: +, -, /, x ; and even time and money.

If we were without math, we would not be able to call one period of day “day” and one “night”. We would not be on time for parties, because there would be no time, and there would not be enough food because there would be no numbers to help us count the food needed. There would not be healthy foods because we would be without the correct measurements, therefore we would not be able to measure out the correct amounts of protein, fiber. See the domino effect here?

Math, a concept so simple, and yet so complicated. It helps us to program sites. We invented the Internet, blogs, computers, tablets, and all sorts of software that we use every single day. Whether it’s algebra or it’s simple addition, math is a valuable tool that shouldn’t be thrown out as you are thrown out of school, but keep it as a treasure, and store it close to your heart, well, I should really say brain. 🙂


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