Morgan’s Acrostic

My name means Sea Lover,

Or Compassionate, Forgiving and Kind.

Roles I must accomplish though, are

Greatly left behind. (Sometimes.)

And now there are some troubles.(Since I was


Cloud Of Dreams

My wonderful cloud,
A catalyst for wishes,
Desires spilling out.

Gently, the cloud has
Rested its head, still full
Of dreams and thoughts, too.

I love the stories,
Coming freely to my cloud.
I gobble them up.

Like ideas to treasure,
They come willingly and free,
Floating my cloud.

It feeds on dreaming,
Chews on thoughtfulness, daydreams,
lives on fruits of heart.

My cloud, wondrously
Outpouring my thoughts and wants,

Hoo’s There?

Hoo’s there?

A barn owl!

Big yellow eyes

Attentive stare,

Bird of prey

T’is all aware.

Sickening scream

Of barn owl unseen,

Feathers in thick,

Curious cream.

Fearful prey,

Plain as day,

Or should I say night?

What fruitful flight.

Meadows Of The Seasons

Meadow breeze tickles

The underside of my chin,

Violet sway their heads fro.

Oh my, they really

Make me happy and joyous

Whenever seen there.

I see spring coming,

gently passing by my house,

fall catching the wind.

Winter blowing by,

spreading summmer across

the flowering hills.


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