Miss Hinch

Miss Hinch is an interesting mystery just waiting to be solved. Things are not always as they seem in this British setting.

The main character here, the clergyman, is fighting against Miss Hinch, a powerful mistress of disguise. He helps out an old woman who in the end proves to be Miss Hinch. A conflict in identities is revealed as Miss Hinch quietly changes from person to person.

The first clue of the old woman being Miss Hinch in disguise is that when the clergyman rushes to take care of her, he rubs off some clever wrinkles, which proves to be makeup. The “old woman” falls onto the ice and dies from a severe head injury.

At the funeral of the “old woman”, Miss Hinch has changed to yet another person, the clergyman. She is found out by a false beard and is arrested by the police. In the end, I always wonder how she did it, finding dead people and using their identities to her advantage. All in all, this is a fabulously written mystery story written by Henry Harrison. Can you crack it?


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