Why is Milk White?

This is my new science page for Inside The Mind of A Bird.
It serves as my responses to Why is Milk White? by Alexa Coelho and Simon Quellen Field.

Why do certain things dye your skin?

If you have baked in the past, you probably have experienced egg yolk all over your hands. The yellow coloring will only float on the surface of your hand because of the large molecules it is made of. However, you might have also experienced food coloring on your hands as well. This will be harder to scrub off of your hands because the dye has tiny molecules that seep into the cracks in your skin and even sometimes into your pores, dying your skin.

Why are certain things slippery?

Well, egg yolks are slippery, and as I said, they have big molecules. That is the reason many things are slippery, such as soap. The molecules slip and slide against your skin. Certain things can be more slippery than others based on how large and spaced apart the molecules are.